Meet Petit – A Dog Lover’s Dream – Extended

Meet Petit – A Dog Lover’s Dream Continued:

After publishing this article in issue one, I found out that I only included a fraction of the reasoning why musher Nic Petit stops on the downhill slope with his Sled Dog team, and I wanted to share the rest of the information with you. Let me explain.

Being a self educated mushing fan, I have very limited mushing knowledge. So with my three and a half year old seated on my lap, yelping with joy from our dog mushing ride (which was currently happening), I fear I only heard a small part of Nic’s explanation for stopping his team downhill.  The part that I shared turns out to only be a convenient aspect of the whole situation, but not the main reasoning behind it. Maybe the fact that I have three young sons made it so my brain focused on the bathroom break aspect of what he was saying instead of the main purpose behind it, I’m not sure. Either way bathroom breaks seem to play a funny yet vital roll when you have that many children, whether human or dog.

So Nic explained that every musher has their own personal style when mushing. They all do things a little differently from one another depending on their personal preferences. For Nic, he likes to stop his dogs downhill. This helps the dog team learn that just because they can barrel downhill, doesn’t mean they should. So while stopped, he encourages the dogs to take a bathroom break while convenient. Then thanks to gravity, starting up is naturally easier.

When Nic was explaining all of these details I realized how many minute details go into mushing. I knew it was a labor intense sport, but just listening to his experiences and knowledge is bewildering. He always leaves you wanting more. I have gained more respect for the sport than I already had. I can’t wait to continue to learn and share more.

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Written by Morgan Ragozzino


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