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Chugach: Sugpiaq derives from suk, meaning “person” and -piaq, meaning “real”.

Unique, Alaskan imagery created in line with our great State’s beautiful scenery. Chugach Apparel aims to release a new series of designs every quarter by partnering up with some of Alaska’s best photographers and artists. Buy any design as a single order, or subscribe to receive a new shirt for every release in the size and colorway of your choice.

We aim to hit 200 total sales in order to make this vision possible. A percentage of every sale goes to the artists and photographers helping make this a reality. You may purchase any of the prints on a garment or on a poster (coming soon). We’re also offering a tee-shirt subscription package. As a subscriber every three months, receive a new shirt in the size and colorway of your choice! If you do not like it, send it back to us at no cost or exchange for a different print.

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